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Kinergy Driven Vibrating Conveyor Type Coolers and Dryers

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Kinergy Driven Vibrating Conveyor

For many years, Vibrating Conveyors have been used to perform various Heat Transferring functions while the unit piece or bulk solid was being transported from one place to another. For example, Iron Oxide Pellets are purposely conveyed under open flames to heat the pellets to a higher temperature. Also, metal scrap is passed under open flame to remove any moisture from the scrap so it won’t cause the molten metal in the furnace to explosively react when it converts liquid (water) to a gas (steam) that must be exhausted. For cooling, Conveyors receive very hot, molded bricks at 2300° F that are cooled to 400° F by inducing ambient air to pass over them while being transferred from the oven to the Pelletizers Line. The hot air from the cooled bricks is passed to the kiln, which is a form of heat recovery.

Since the patented Kinergy Drive System has been successfully adapted to them, the big “difference” today is these Heat Transferring Conveyors can now be manually or automatically controlled electrically while being transported. Thus, for the first time, the needed “retention” time is readily adjustable. Further, slow moving unit pieces or bulk solids that innately form “clogs” or stop moving can more easily be heated or cooled. The reason is the automatic, repetitive “pulsing” that momentarily provides a very vigorous vibratory action that “unclogs” and gets the load moving again. Thus, all the manual efforts by the operator that were previously required to unclog the clogs can now be done electrically. Loss of production time is avoided and the long wait to let the Conveyor cool if it is hot and the added “safety” to the operator is now achievable.

These Heat Transferring Conveyors can also be equipped with so-called “jackets” containing hot steam for heating or cold water for cooling. The Conveyor is made more wide so the conductive heat to the thinly spread material is more efficiently transferred. Circular Conveyors, such as Spiral Elevators, or large tube like containers are often used for this kind of heat transfer because of the increased surface area in the least amount of floor space.

At times, the Vibrating Conveyors are provided with extra deep troughs so that a large maze of hot, tangled, rod like scrap metal can be cooled while being moved. An example would be the risers, sprues, and the like being collected and “returned” in a Foundry.

Electrical Control Panel

The Feed Rate is Electrically Adjustable

Using circular units with internal spiraled troughs which are fully enclosed with a top cover, bulk solids can be heated by utilizing hot-oil jackets wrapped all around the outer periphery. The internal flighting (troughs) ensures the heat is rapidly transferred to the particles passing over them. The same kind of circular, enclosed, heat transferring units can serve as “Coolers” for “batches” of unit pieces or bulk solids to reduce their hot temperatures to a much lower one.

Circular Heaters or Coolers have the advantage of achieving a long retention time in the least amount of floor space. If the outer diameter is 20 ft. and the mean with a 5 ft. internal trough, 50 ft. of conveying length is available per turn. If four “turns” were utilized, this means a circular unit with an O.D. of 20 ft. can now provide a conveying length of 200 ft. This shows the remarkable ability of a circular unit to minimize the amount of floor space required.

Mechanically, both the Circular and the Uni-directional Conveying units will only require the least amount of power to vibrate the respective unit and its load.

Regardless of the Heat Transferring unit being a Circular Spiral or a Uni-directional Conveying unit, they all inherently have the electrical control that provides the highest degree of operating versatility which includes adjusting the conveying speed and applying the automatic and repetitive “Pulsing”. Further, all of these very beneficial heat transferring units are Dynamically Counterbalanced.

Finally, the best is they are all competitively priced.

Design Features of the Kinergy Vibrating Conveyor Type Dryers and Coolers

Kinergy has the most advanced vibratory machine technology available. Our design includes the following:

• Durability:  Kinergy Vibrating Conveyors are built to last with an average of 20 or more years of productive use.

• Proven Performance:  The simple design and highest performance rating make Kinergy the best choice for Vibrating Conveyors performing Heat Transferring functions.

• Energy Efficiency:  All the Conveyors utilize the Kinergy Drive System, which is the most versatile and energy efficient one available.

This drive is a combination of a free force input from an A.C. type electric motor with the output of sub-resonant tuned springs. When the applied load increases, the springs inherently drive harder. It maximizes the use of “Kinergy” which is defined as the kinetic energy developed by a spring’s motion during the drive portion of its cycle.

• Dust-Tight Construction:  Kinergy Vibrating Conveyors can accommodate environmental standards with dust-tight covers that will minimize or avoid dust emissions. Quick opening viewports in the top cover permit observing the conveying.

• Cleanliness:  Kinergy Vibrating Conveyors are inherently self-cleaning which makes them desirable for sanitary applications or when material contamination is to be minimized or avoided. Sanitary polishes that meet FDA standards are available.

Various Drive Configurations:

Underside Design:  The vibratory drive system is located underneath the conveying trough. This is the usual location for Kinergy Driven Conveyors.

Top Drive Design:  The vibratory drive system is located above the conveying trough. This arrangement allows the bottom of the conveying trough to be fully accessible for various discharge ports.

End Drive Design:  The vibratory drive system is located on either end of the Vibrating Conveyor. This arrangement has the advantage of a low profile type of design which minimizes head room requirements.

• Larger Dimensions:  Kinergy Vibrating Conveyors can be manufactured in larger dimensions. Since the Kinergy Drive distributes the input dynamic forces, the diameter or length and width dimensions are not restricted as they would be if they were concentrated at one point. For this reason, Kinergy Driven Vibrating Conveyors are uni-directional and standardized in widths to 18 ft. and lengths and diameters as required.

• Tolerating Headloads:  Being placed under the outlets of Storage Bins, the repeated starts and stops are not detrimental to the Cooler and Dryer.

• Reduced Sound Levels:  Reduced sound levels are another benefit of Kinergy Vibrating Coolers and Dryers. Our Coolers and Dryers typically operate less than 80 dBA in the loaded condition.

• 45° Stroke Angle:  Instead of being limited to 30°, the better conveying angle of 45° can now be used when it’s wanted.

• Adjustable Conveying Rate:  Inherent with the Kinergy Drive, the full range of adjustment is available. It also enables “Pulsing” when it’s needed or to obtain the proper retention time. This simple electrical control is useful for reducing operating noise, heating particles, and cooling “unit pieces” such as Foundry Castings.

• Minimal Maintenance:  Kinergy’s Vibrating Conveyors only require the “look and listen” principle of maintenance. Just note the stroke and listen for noise.

• Interchangeable Components:  Most of the component parts of the Kinergy Vibrating Coolers and Dryers are interchangeable with other Kinergy Driven units even though their functions may differ. These common components extend to Kinergy’s Vibrating Feeders, Screens, Fluidized Bed Coolers and Dryers, Spiral Elevators, and various types of Foundry units. This reduces the number of spare parts required in inventory.

The Kinergy Drive System has proven to be the most versatile and energy efficient vibratory drive known when applied to Induced Conveying machines. This makes Kinergy Vibrating Coolers and Dryers the optimal choice. To learn more about these innovative machines, please contact Kinergy at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin KDC-1 entitled “Kinergy Driven Vibrating Conveyors”.