Mold Compactors

Mold Compactors

Kinergy Mold Compactor

Kinergy Mold Compactor

Mold Compactors are essentially “Vibrating Tables” of a much more rugged design. The “pattern” which shapes the casting is already inserted in the mold. Sometimes it is made of wax so it will melt and evaporate when the hot molten metal is poured into it. The need for compaction is to ensure the mold sand fills every nook and crook around the surfaces of the installed pattern. The prepared mold is set down on the top of the vibratory machine. The entire mold is then vibrated as necessary for it to achieve the wanted degree of densification.

The primary benefit of mold compaction is to permit a casting to be made with finely detailed surface projections, such as grooves or fittings. After it is removed, the amount of time required for “cleaning” the casting is markedly reduced.

While mold compaction is popular in Refractory making processes and in the “lost wax” method of making foundry castings, it will also be used in other industries dealing with highly detailed products which are cast.

Mold Compaction Tables are designed for a specific application. They are usually no smaller than 3’ x 3’ and seldom larger than 8’ x 25’. The Vibrating Tables often have top surfaces with vertical bars that are used to lift the contained mold above any roller to permit it to be vibrated.

Most often, the single unit type of vibratory drive system is utilized. If an adjustable stroke and frequency is needed, then the Kinergy Drive System is adapted to the unit. The typical operating frequency is 1710 CPM, but it can be 1140 or 3420 CPM. The vertical stroke will accomplish about 4 Gee’s of vibratory force.

Kinergy Driven Foundry Machines

The low maintenance required of Kinergy driven machines lends itself very well to the foundry industry. In addition, the concept of one simple “Common Drive” for Foundry Vibrating Equipment delivers multiple benefits:

  • A 75% decrease in power consumption for these needed units.
  • The electrical control for output adjustment is greatly simplified.
  • Load abuse is tolerated.
  • The few interchangeable drive components are a relief to maintenance.
  • The cost is competitive with units equipped with alternate drives.

A wide array of equipment is available to assist the foundry industry in becoming more efficient and cost-effective. The Kinergy Foundry Product Line includes:

To learn more about all of Kinergy’s innovative Foundry Machines, please contact Kinergy at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin KFE entitled “Foundry Units” and Kinergy Bulletin entitled "One Simple Common Drive for Foundry Vibrating Equipment".