Bin Activators

Kinergy’s Bin Activators Empty the Bin!

Bin Activator Photo 1The engineers of Kinergy have been intimately involved in the specialized field of Induced Vertical Flow since its inception. For this reason, no supplier has more experience in this unique endeavor of discharging bulk solids from storage!

Kinergy’s design, application, and operation of the Bin Activator induces even the most obstinate bulk solids to vertically flow from Bins and Silos. Our symmetrical, concentric, uniform 45 degree sloped conical shape is the most effective design for keeping the stored material discharging in the least amount of height. These Induced Vertical Flow machines are typically suspended from Bins and Silos, although they can be supported from underneath.

When necessary, we can furnish Bin Activators of an “eccentric design”. With this construction, we design the unit so that the internal baffle configuration allows the material stored above the Bin Activator to continue to flow in a “Natural” symmetrical and concentric pattern even though the outlet below is offset.

Bin Activator Photo 2Our engineers have designed and supplied Bin Activators to 20 ft. (6 m) diameter when needed.

Kinergy can supply a broad spectrum of special units, such as polished stainless steel for food grade surfaces, super-performance Activators for extra-stubborn bulk solids, eccentric discharges, multi-outlets, and low-profile units.

All these aspects combined make Kinergy the leading choice in Bin Activators.

A proper vertical flow stream - Kinergy

A Proper Vertical Flow Stream

 This wanted flow pattern is the reward for a properly designed, applied, and operated Bin Activator installed under a Storage Bin. Note the “re-mix” of the fines and aggregate, the steady discharge, and the complete emptying of the Bin.

Bin activator inlet of a feeder - Kinergy

The inlet of a feeder can influence the Vertical Flow Pattern. Flow (light area) favors upstream edge in 1, 2, and 3; downstream edge in 4. (Dark areas are dormant.) “Cycle” type operation minimizes the influence of a feeder’s favored inlet stream on the vertical flow pattern from storage, which could be a Bin or Silo.

Design Features of the Kinergy Bin Activator

Kinergy has the most advanced vibratory machine technology available. Our designs include the following:

• Durability:  Kinergy Bin Activators are built to last with an average of over 20 years of productive use. Their production availability exceeds 95%.

• Optimal Flow plus Conserved Head Room:  Our engineers have deliberately designed a uniform 45 degree side wall slope steep enough to ensure flow while still conserving head room.

• Internal Baffles:  We have purposely provided more internal baffles to prevent any bridging at the outlet of the Bin Activator.

• Unique Components:  Kinergy’s unique 90 degree twisted type hanger arm enables the Bin Activator to move more freely. This simple improvement allows the unit to shatter strong “set” material and to unlock interlocked particles.

• Dynamic Force Input:  Kinergy’s generated force input to the Bin Activator is the largest amount available. In addition to uniformly vibrating the Bin Activator as a complete entity, this high force output is what “shatters” the fused bonding of particles or the unlocking of tightly interlocked “flake” type particles.

• Operating Flexibility:  Our Bin Activators have operating flexibility and the ability to be vibrated continuously. Whenever it is advantageous to do so, Kinergy’s Bin Activator can be changed to a “cycle type” of operation without detriment to the unit or its vibratory drive.

• Adapter Arrangement:  Kinergy’s adapter ring fits to the upper Bin, thereby making the upper Bin peripherally stronger at its outlet. It also makes field assembly much easier.

• Vibratory Drive:  All of Kinergy’s Bin Activators have the force of gravity to do most of the work. However, a two bearing, Single Input (Brute Force) type of vibratory drive specifically designed for vibratory use is used. When necessary, the motor can be stopped and restarted up to five times per minute without accumulating an excessive amount of internal heat.

Induced Vertical Flow Bulletin Cover Page

Kinergy’s 20 paged technical bulletin entitled “The ‘Induced Vertical Flow’ of Bins and Silos” is available upon request

• Reduced Sound Levels:  All Kinergy Bin Activators operate very quietly when they are either empty or in the fully loaded condition. The operating sound level will always be less than 80 dBA, and most likely about 55 dBA!

• Variety:  Our Bin Activators are available from 2 ft. to 18 ft. inlet diameters with various materials of construction ranging from mild steel to alloys.

• Minimal Maintenance:  Kinergy Bin Activators require minimal maintenance due to essential components being designed to successfully contend with the vibratory service requirements. The result is the longest possible service life with minimal or virtually no maintenance attention. The only “preventive” maintenance required is the occasional greasing of the vibratory motor.

• Multiple Finishes:  Kinergy can provide virtually any internal or external finish. Welds can be power tool cleaned, ground smooth but not flush, or ground smooth and flush with a polished uniform width stripe with a specified grit. Surfaces can be hand polished. Dairy finishes or the 3A sanitary standards can also be supplied. When painted coatings are wanted, the proper surface preparation (sandblasting) can be administered to the specified thickness.

Kinergy engineers are the originators of the Induced Vertical Flow concept. We provide solutions for our customer’s needs that involve the storing and discharging of bulk solids from Bins, Silos, Piles, and Rail Cars. To learn more about our innovative Vibratory Machines, please contact Kinergy at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin IVF-120 entitled “Bin Activators Utilize the ‘Natural Flow’ Pattern to Discharge Stored Bulk Solids”.