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Shakeout Table

Shakeout Tables separate the poured mold into the flask, casting, and sand (green and no bake type). The casting deck configuration varies with the specific application. It can be made removable for changeout.

After the casting is reasonably cleaned of clinging sand, it is manually removed. The shakeout sand passes down through the casting deck openings and is collected for discharge through a bottom outlet.

These Shakeout Tables are all powered by the Kinergy Drive System. The available widths range from 2 ft. to 12 ft. in standard or heavy duty designs. The lengths are customized to our customer’s needs.

Since the Kinergy Drive System is energy efficient, power consumption is significantly reduced. It is adjustable in operating stroke and frequency by simple electrical control. This feature minimizes casting damage and noise. Maintenance checks are easily accomplished by the simple “look and listen” principle.

Kinergy Driven Foundry Machines

The low maintenance required of Kinergy driven machines lends itself very well to the foundry industry. In addition, the concept of one simple “Common Drive” for Foundry Vibrating Equipment delivers multiple benefits:

  • A 75% decrease in power consumption for these needed units.
  • The electrical control for output adjustment is greatly simplified.
  • Load abuse is tolerated.
  • The few interchangeable drive components are a relief to maintenance.
  • The cost is competitive with units equipped with alternate drives.

A wide array of equipment is available to assist the foundry industry in becoming more efficient and cost-effective. The Kinergy Foundry Product Line includes:

To learn more about all of Kinergy’s innovative Foundry Machines, please contact Kinergy at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin KFE entitled “Foundry Units” and Kinergy Bulletin entitled "One Simple Common Drive for Foundry Vibrating Equipment".

Free Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling" KinergyFree Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling"

Realizing vibrations can be very destructive, Engineers seldom considered intentionally creating vibrations in a machine to perform a beneficial function. Even so, over the years and by taking advantage of the principle of “Natural Frequency”, these purposely vibrated machines have been gradually but steadily improved. Thus, these Electro-Mechanical Machines now have more Electrical Operating Versatility and are ranked among the most “Energy Efficient” available. This history and the progressive evolution are explained in the Booklet entitled “Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling”. The booklet is intended to be educational and is available upon request.

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