Activated Bins

Kinergy Activated Bins

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Activated Bins are Induced Vertical Flow machines that either discharge or densify bulk solids stored in Bins or Containers. Kinergy’s engineers have been intimately involved with the design, application, and operation of the Induced Vertical Flow theory and its machines since their inception. Our 40-year continuous improvement to this product line makes Kinergy the optimal choice for Activated Bins.

Similar in design and concept to its predecessor the Bin Activator, Activated Bins vibrate as one integral unit. With Conventional and Low-Profile options available, these Bins are useful for many different applications, such as for discharging Flake, Floodable, or General type of materials. This also includes those that take strong set (solidification) or are thixotropic.

Low-Profile Top Activated Bins

This patented design eliminates the conical transition with its flat bottom. The Low-Profile version is always vibrated by two electric motors mounted diametrically apart and tilted to develop a helical type stroke action. This causes the contained bulk solid to convey in a circular path. The internal baffles are usually inverted cones yet can have other configurations to better suit the application.

Activated Bins are ideal for high pressure and vacuum applications because they eliminate the large flexible connection. They are also excellent for food and pharmaceutical plants where sanitary designs are a must.

Design Features of the Kinergy Activated Bin

Kinergy has the most advanced vibratory machine technology available. Our designs include the following:

• Durability:  Kinergy Activated Bins are built to last with an average of 20 or more years of productive use.

• Proven Design:  Kinergy Activated Bins vibrate as a complete entity, which means bridging in the upper portion of the Bin is avoided.

• Versatility:  The Vibrating Activated Bin has the distinct attributes of being self cleaning, enabling a better sanitary unit, high vacuum and pressure rating, dewatering, and assuring the complete discharge of its contents.

• Variety:  While Kinergy Activated Bins are typically made of mild steel construction, they can be supplied in other types of construction if the application requires.

• Support:  Activated Bins are recommended to be supported from below but can be supported from above by suspension cables if needed.

• Accessibility:  Kinergy’s Activated Bin can be designed with view ports and quick opening access doors.

• Reduced Sound Levels:  Reduced sound levels are another benefit of Kinergy Activated Bins. They vibrate very quietly with operating sound levels less than 80 dBA.

• Easy Start-Up:  With a quick installation time, Kinergy Activated Bins are online fast. It is normally shipped as a complete assembly and installation can be completed in less than one day.

• Minimal Maintenance:  Our units have very low maintenance costs. Each part, including the vibratory excitors, solid rubber isolators, and flexible sock connections, is purposely designed for vibratory use which means they will have many years of proven, productive service life.

• Increased Dimensions:  Kinergy offers a variety of Activated Bins. Standard size units are available from 2 to 5,500 cu. ft. volumetric capacity, ranging from 2 to 15 feet in diameter. Smaller or larger bins can be specially ordered.

Kinergy engineers are the experts on the theory of Induced Vertical Flow. We provide the best possible solutions for our customer’s material handling needs. To learn more about our innovative machines, please contact Kinergy at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin KAB-1 entitled “Activated Bins, Container Activators, Packaged Bins”.