Densifying Bulk Solid Materials

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Mold Compaction Table

The novel concept of Induced Vertical Flow originated with the introduction of the Bin Activator over 50 years ago, and Kinergy Engineers have been there every step of the way! Its gradual, but steady, advancement led to the development or recognition of all the other “Induced Vertical Flow” machines. These machines generate a uniformly applied vibratory action to effectively induce a stored or contained bulk solid to vertically flow in conjunction with the force of gravity. Their sole function is either Discharging (unloading) or Densifying (loading).

Discharging:  Kinergy provides Vibrating Bin Activators, Activated Bins, Storage Pile Dischargers, and Rail Car Unloaders to reliably ensure obstinate bulk solids vertically flow until emptied.

Densifying:  Kinergy supplies Vibrating Tables, Vertical Faces, Mold Compactors, and Rail Car Densifiers to innately pack the filled container to reduce the shipping cost.

Kinergy’s common components for each Induced Vertical Flow machine have been designed, developed, and tested over thousands of successful installations. Kinergy’s proven state-of-the-art vibratory technology provides our customers with experience and reliability.

Free Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling" KinergyFree Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling"

Realizing vibrations can be very destructive, Engineers seldom considered intentionally creating vibrations in a machine to perform a beneficial function. Even so, over the years and by taking advantage of the principle of “Natural Frequency”, these purposely vibrated machines have been gradually but steadily improved. Thus, these Electro-Mechanical Machines now have more Electrical Operating Versatility and are ranked among the most “Energy Efficient” available. This history and the progressive evolution are explained in the Booklet entitled “Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling”. The booklet is intended to be educational and is available upon request.

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