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Kinergy Rail Car Densifiers

Kinergy Vibrating Rail Car Densifier

Kinergy Vibrating Rail Car Densifier

The patented Kinergy Vibrating Rail Car Densifier has led the industry for over 30 years. That’s because Kinergy’s Engineers are active innovators in the specialized field of Induced Vertical Flow. Steadily improving the Densifier’s application, design, and operation, Kinergy can accomplish the added loading of rail cars constructed of either aluminum or steel. This is why at least a 10% increase in loading is assured by Kinergy.

It is now known that any needed Densification should always be done at the point of loading. Further, the amount of Densifying that can be achieved will be about the same as the “Inherent Densification” already occurring by the car “shaking” as it travels over the tracks to its destination. By inspecting the car when it is delivered and noting the space above the load’s sunken level, the extent of the “Inherent Densification” can be estimated. Usually this varies from 15% to 30% in the loaded height reduction. Therefore, the purpose of a Kinergy Rail Car Densifier will be to pre-load the car with that same amount of “Inherent Densification” prior to its shipment.

Since it operates at less than 90 dBA, the cars can be filled during the night even though there are people sleeping in their homes located less than 300 feet away!

Installed trackside, the Kinergy Rail Car Densifier provides increased loading capacity. When the rail car is vibrated by the Densifier, the particles inside will naturally try to flow downward. Thus, the particles reorient to fill any void which causes them to de-aerate and pack the load. This results in more weight being loaded. Therefore, the freight costs are less because the shipping expense of the more heavily loaded car is about the same as the previously loaded car.

Design Features of the Kinergy Rail Car Densifier

Design Features of the Kinergy Rail Car Densifier

Design Features of the Kinergy Rail Car Densifier

Kinergy has the most advanced vibratory machine technology available. Our designs include the following:

• Variety:  Kinergy offers a complete line of Rail Car Densifiers to suit various loading needs. These Densifiers are available from multi-positioned smaller units to single-positioned larger units.

• Durability:  Kinergy Vibrating Rail Car Densifiers are built to last. The expected service life of the Kinergy Densifier is 20 years or more.

• Minimal Maintenance:  Our units have the added benefit of very low maintenance costs. Each Kinergy part is purposely designed for vibratory use, which provides an extended service life.

• Minimal Loading Cost:  In almost all applications, only one operator is required to complete the loading operation of the rail car.

• Cleaning the Cars:  The Rail Car Densifier can avoid contamination and improve productivity when it’s used to clean previously loaded cars.

• Easy Installation and Start-Up:  The Kinergy Rail Car Densifier is shipped as a complete assembly that is pneumatically pre-piped and electrically pre-wired. Its installation is usually accomplished in less than one day.

• Sound Levels:  The operating sound level is about 90 dBA when an empty car is vibrated to clean its internal surfaces. As it becomes half filled and continues to approach being “full”, the noise level is usually less than 85 dBA.

Kinergy’s engineers are very knowledgeable of Induced Vertical Flow. To learn more about Kinergy’s Vibrating Rail Car Densifiers, please contact us at 502.366.5685 or download Kinergy’s descriptive Bulletin KID-1 entitled “Induced Densifying”.

Kinergy Rail Car Densifiers

Enclosed cars of this type, as manufactured by ACF Industries and North American Car Company, have been vibrated for more than 10 years without complaints of damage. These cars are owned by the chemical company that loads them.

Vibrating an empty car to clean it of residue from a previous loading

Free Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling" KinergyFree Booklet: "Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling"

Realizing vibrations can be very destructive, Engineers seldom considered intentionally creating vibrations in a machine to perform a beneficial function. Even so, over the years and by taking advantage of the principle of “Natural Frequency”, these purposely vibrated machines have been gradually but steadily improved. Thus, these Electro-Mechanical Machines now have more Electrical Operating Versatility and are ranked among the most “Energy Efficient” available. This history and the progressive evolution are explained in the Booklet entitled “Introducing Vibratory Machines for Material Handling”. The booklet is intended to be educational and is available upon request.

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